I recently found a great local shirtmaker for the first run of Dominion shirts. All shirts are made on a thick, preshrunk cotton fabric and most importantly, they are all BLACK and not made by Cafe Suck.


11 inches by 7 inches total area size. This is the design on the front of the shirt. The design is ONLY on the front. They came out very clearly as you can tell from the photos below of me sporting a Dominion shirt like Gene Simmons whoring KISS merchandise:

Payment method will be PayPal or money order. Once your PayPal account or money order clears, I'll send the shirt out. Through some modern miracle, we're going to be selling the shirts at a flat rate of $15.00 which includes shipping and handling costs. This means that you only pay the $15.00. Shipping and handling is included in the price already. For an additonal fifty cents, I'll make it certified mail which means that you'll have to sign for it when it comes to your door. It's kind of a pain in the ass but on the plus side, it ensures that you will get your shirt and won't lose it if you give me the wrong address. Payment method is preferrably PayPal but in a worst case secenario, a money order is also acceptable but understand that the shirt will NOT be sent out until either the money order or PayPal payment has cleared. When paying with PayPal, please specify on what size you prefer as well as your mailing address. I have all sizes across the board but the vast majority ar XL. XXL's and XXXL's are $1.50 extra because that's a lotta fabric. All orders will be shipped out the end of each week and should be expected to take around two to fourteen days depending on the mental stability of your mailman. I'll inquire as to any international rates and expected delivery times and add the information shortly.


All in all, I can't express how happy I am that I found a place that even with shipping included, still allows me to charge a price that is cheaper than most normal stores in the really real world. What's even better, is I have personally checked out the quality of the shirts and it's a good, thick cotton that won't shrink five sizes after the first wash. On a comparison, I'd say it's better than the quality of fabric used on shirts you'd buy at Hot Topic, for example. They are printed on Gildan heavyweight preshrunk cotton that's made in Honduras from genetically enhanced sheep.

Oh, yeah...I mentioned they're fucking BLACK, right?