"Good lord, this is some of the best art that we have had done and that's the
truth. Your style and Sloo's coloring is top notch, no doubt." -Malik, satisfied client

Pricing and Statement

This is where you can request any range of jobs for myself and Dominion's colorist Sloo to do. We can do anything up to and including portraits, roleplaying character pictures, advertisements and even sequential story art. Our range for pricing all depends on factors such as complexity, the work being black and white or color, the size of the work in volume or pixels and of course, CONTENT. Our style is predominantly western but can range from the highly textured art you see in the pages of Dominion to a more general style like you would see in a typical comic strip. Just ask us and we'll say if it's in our abilities or not. For that matter, you can also feel free to inquire if it's okay to hire just myself, just Sloo or both of us. We work VERY fast and treat EVERY job professionally with as little excuses or delay as possible. All prices are negotiable but the "standard" agreement is 50% of the commission upon acceptance of the job and then the remaining 50% upon actual completion. Time needed all depends on the nature of the work. Just start by contacting us through the comic's email.


Four page sequential piece for a summary of "Frankenstein"
Medium: Pen and ink, grayscale, color (partially)

Online "tower" advertisement for Maveric PC
Medium: Pen and ink, color